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"Why I make Collage - Eva Stenram",
interview, May 2023.


Hot Potato

Page 3, Eva Stenram
The forth one, 2023
ISSN 2631-8547



Issue 79 (Lüge), Summer 2023.
"Vorhang zu und alle Fragen offen", text byKristina Schilke, images by Eva Stenram.



"10 Women Artists Shattering Expectations of Feminist Art"
text by Charlotte Jansen
September 21, 2022.


Der Greif

Lucy Armstrong selected by Eva Stenram
The Collectivity Issue
50 Guest Editors
2022, Issue 15, ISSN 2191-4524


Rondò Pilot

"An interview with Eva Stenram" by Daniela Veneri.
Issue 2.0,2021. Also available here



Review by Simon Bowcock of the exhibition "She Appeared to Vanish", 2021.


Tank Magazine

The Narrative Issue, Autumn/Winter 2021.
artwork by Eva Stenram, make-up by Kay Montano using Chanel
photography by Sohrab Golsorkhi-Ainslie, photography assistant: Will Churchill,
hair: Maki Tanaka, models: Jasmine Horncastle and Itu Nuola at Linden Staub Talent Agency


Aesthetica Magazine

"Modes of Fabrication", article by Rachel Segal-Hamilton that includes interview
with Eva Stenram
issue 102, August/September 2021


Yoghurt Magazine

"Oblique" by Eva Stenram
2021, online feature



"Euro Vision - Europe, an Imagined Destination", article by Erik Vroons,
images by Beatt Schlatter and Eva Stenram.
Issue 65, Euro Issue, 2020. ISSN 1871-8450


Nearest Truth

Podcast with Brad Feuerhelm, 2020.

  Max Joseph
– Das Magazin der Bayerischen Staatsoper

"Fight Club"
text by Peter Trawny
Issue 02 - Kill Your Darling / Kampften
Spielzeit 2019/2020

Diena Newspaper

Review of "Screen-Age II: Landscape" at Riga Arts Space.
text by Santa Hirsa, photography by Peteris Rucis.
10 October 2020 .



"The conquest of space - The adventure continues"
text by Rosa Olivares
Issue 78 - Explorers, Adventurers and Castaways, 2020
ISSN 1577-2721


The Guardian

"Small things worth preserving - LagosPhoto20's Home Museum"
text by MattFidler
Friday 6 November 2020


The Steidz

"Eva Stenram - Oblique"
text by Laetitia Toulout
Issue 05, 2019
ISBN 978-2-9560077-4-6


Fraulein Magazine

"Focussed by Eva Stenram"
on-line feature, 2020


Unseen Magazine

"Eva Stenram's Collection"
text by Eva Stenram
Issue 6, 2019
ISSN 2666-0571


Fotografisk Tidsskrift

"Fotografi som gar utanfor ramarna"
text byAnna Henriksson
No 3/2019
ISSN 284-7035


Journal of Civic Architecture

Issue 03, 2019
Edited by Patrick Lynch, Canalside Press.


FT Weekend Magazine

"My London" commissioned by FT Weekend Magazine and Photo London

May 11 2019.



Artworks by Eva Stenram, all clothes by Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello,
photography assistant: Will Churchill, model: Qiman Cai at Body London.

Ruritania Issue, Spring 2019.


Hoosac Journal

Issue 3, 2019



"Eva Stenram, La Mirada Interrumpida"
text by Blas Gonzales
16 May, 2019
online feature


Tank Magazine

text by Emma Latham Philips
October 2018 - online feature


Numero Berlin

September 2018 - online feature


Numero Berlin

Artworks by Eva Stenram, styling by Sina Braetz, all clothes and accessories by Chanel.
Numero Berlin #4 – Amasonen
Spring 2018.


"Offcut - Eva Stenram", Tique Art Paper #2: Contemporary Camera, pp 48-53.
ISSN 2468-0907


The Guardian

"Photofairs in San Fransisco - the best pictures on display"
text by Mee-Lai Stone
22 February 2018 - online


Forme Journal

"Eva Stenram - Cover, pp. 43-51"
Edited by Lucie Crewdson
October 2017

Svenska Dagbladet

"Golden Sunset: Det ser ljust ut för svensk fotokonst – trots allt"
Exhibition review of Golden Sunset, Moderna Museet, Stockholm,
text by Johan Deurell
May 27, 2017


FT Weekend Magazine

"Dust to Dust", David Campany discusses his exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery, London.
3 April 2017


Numero Berlin

"Schwarze Serie"
Bilder Eva Stenram, Styling Sina Braetz, Fotos Stefan Dotter
Numero Berlin #3 – Wunderkammer
Autumn 2017



"Den bit verklighet vi behöver"
Text by Svante Larsson,
April 1, 2017.


This is Tomorrow

"Tender Touches at Austrian Cultural Forum London",
exhibition review by Zoe Marsden.
January 2, 2017.


Another Magazine

"Photographic Pastiches of Vintage Erotica"
Text by Charlotte Jansen,
September 23, 2016.



"Eva Stenram turns viewer into voyeur for new show"
Text by Alice Simkins,
September 2016.


See All This

"Ik ben van de dubbelzinnigheid "
September 2016.


Musee Magazine

"Musee Spotlight Artist Eva Stenram"
Musee Magazine No 13 – Place
July 2016


Design Observer

"Exposure: Drape (Cavalcade III) by Eva Stenram"
Text by Rick Poynor
May 2016



"Eva Stenram – A Second Abduction"
Interview with William J. Simmons,
March 2016.



"The Cunt Tavern - an Exhibition"
Issue 1, 2016


Loose Associations

"HOLD - Eva Stenram"
Vol. 2. issue i
Winter 2016
Published by The Photographer's Gallery
pp. 78-79
ISSN 2397-0839


Harper's Magazine

Eva Stenram's "Per Pulverem Ad Astra 4.2" in the Readings section,
January 2016, p. 14.


Loupe Magazine

"Eva Stenram"
text by Iris Veysey
May 23, 2016


"Interview: Eva Stenram"
21 December 2015.




Eva Stenram / The image collector
#62: Fear
Exit Media, Madrid
ISSN 1577-272-1



"Intervenieren statt retuschieren
–  "Crisscross": Die Galerie Raum Mit Licht zeigt "fehlerhafte" Fotografien von Eva Stenram und Käthe Hager von Strobele"
Review by Christa Benzer, 7 November 2015, p.


Gallerytalk / Wien

"Raum für Frau"
Review by Anna Möslinger, 30 November 2015.



The Photographer
2015, edited by Petra Stenvall
text 'Poses' by Amy Knight , introduction bySharom Boothroyd


Musee Magazine

"Musee Emering Artist Eva Stenram"
Musee Magazine No 13 – Women
November 2015



"Parts – Eva Stenram"
Issue No. 16 - EX, Fall 2015, pp 57-63.
ISSN 1573-3076



"Keeping it Raw – Alternative strategies for depiction of the excess of life",
text by Erik Vroons, photographs by Asger Carlsen and Eva Stenram.
Issue 44, February 2015, pp. 110-125.
ISSN 1871-8450


Standard Culture

"The Eroticism of the Unseen: The Art of Eva Stenram",
Interview, Issue 6, Summer 2015, pp. 12-13.


Huffingdon Post

"Vintage Pin-Ups go from Erotic to Macabre in Eerie Photo Series"
text by Priscilla Frank
15 July 2015



Eva Stenram's Positions (exhibition at Siobhan Davies Dance) reviewed by Anna McNay,
February 2015.


London Photography Diary

Eva Stenram at Siobhan Davies Studios reviewed by Helena Heimes,
22 February 2015.


The Independent Magazine

"In the Frame", 17 January 2015.


The Guardian Guide

Preview of Eva Stenram's Positions at Siobhan Davies Dance,
10 January 2015.


Another Magazine

"The Leg Works: Guy Bourdin & Eva Stenram",
text by Tish Wrigley, 16 January 2015.


Dazed Digital

"Reworking the pin-up", text and interview with Lydia Morrish,
12 January 2015.


W Magazine

"Eva Stenram's Latest Position - The artist discusses her new photography show",
text by William J. Simmons, January 21, 2015.



"LEG AKIMBO!", February 2015, page 60


No Substance

Issue 1, 2015.

Contributors include: Becca Deakins, Rankin, Toilet Paper, Eva Stenram, Donald Gjoka, Marco Pietracupa, Maurizio Bo, Rita Lino, Scandebergs, Masha Mel, Federico Ferrari, Isabelle Wenzel, Kotoha Yokozawa, Lilja Hrönn, Yana Surodina, Alberto Moreu, Noritoshi Hirakawa


No Tofu

"Now you can't see me", pp 172-178.
The Blonde Ambition Issue, Fall 2014.



"Jak to widzisz"
Exhibition review, 2014



Baron Magazine – Issue 3

Featuring Prince Stanislas Klossowski de Rola, Blommers/Schumm, Jason Evans, Neil Drabble, Harley Weir, Asger Carlsen, Darian Darling, Brandon Olson, Lady Starlight, Jordan Clark, Eli Craven, Stefen Ruitenbeek, Johnny Dufort, nightcoregirl, Milk, Ernie Glam, Bjarne Melgaard, Eva Stenram, Isabelle Wenzel, Colin Dodgson, Camgirls Project, Angela Washko, Alexandra Vogt, Nina Antonia, Alexander Kattke, Juliana Huxtable, Walt Cassidy, Mark SaFranko, Tony O’Neill.
Guest edited by Robert Henry Rubin and Michael Alig, September 2014.



"Eva Stenram's Per Pulverem Ad Astra"
Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, May 2014, pp 55-63.


The Guardian

"Post-photography - where artists go wild with cameras"
2 October 2014 - online


The Plantation Journal 2 – Sculptural Body

Featuring Isabelle Wenzel, Tom Lovelace, Noel Loozen, Eva Stenram, Ren Hang, Ute Klein, and Maia Flore. The essay is written by Sara R. Yazdani.
The Plantation Journal is edited by Trine Stephensen and Elevine Berge.

July 2014.


Zoom Magazine

"Eva Stenram", text by Sara Namias

#113 International edition, #241 Italian edition
August 2014
ISSN 0393-4330


Photonews - Zeitung fur Fotografie

"Eva Stenram: Drape", text by Anna Gripp
March 2014.


  Kulturnytt, Swedish Radio

"Corinne Mercadier på Fotografiska och Eva Stenram på Fotografins Hus",
review by Karsten Tjurfjell
17 January 2014.

Synonym Journal

Issue 3: Cliffhanger, 2013.


Dear Dave,

"Eva Stenram"
Issue 15, 2013, pp. 92-97.
ISSN 2151-2639


CRUSH Fanzine

"Lucas / Eva Stenram"
Obsession #8: Lucas Valerdi, 2013, pp. 32-33.
ISSN 2160-6870



"Showcase: Eva Stenram", introduction by Robert Shore
Issue 16 – Autumn 2013, pp. 24-29.
ISBN 978-94-91727-11-5



"Eva Stenram: Drape", introduction by Lucy Soutter,
Aperture 212 –Playtime – Fall 2013, pp. 123-127.
ISSN 0003-6420, ISBN 978-1-59711-234-5

Read text here



The Royal Photographic Society Journal: Contemporary Photography

"Repeat Performance: Eva Stenram's Photographic Acts",
text by Stephen Clarke,
Number 53 Autumn 2013, pp 12-15.
ISSN 0959-6704

read text here


Of The Afternoon

"Drape", text by Lewis Bush,
Issue #3, 2013, pp. 72-79.
ISSN 2053-3594

text also available here



"What on Earth? Photography's Alien Landscapes"
text by David Campany
Aperture 211, Summer 2013.



"Removing the Sex from Erotica",
text by David Rosenberg, September 5, 2013.



"Collection: Unnatural Selection - Nine Female Artists Respond to the Collection of Brad Feuerhelm", text by Daniel Campbell-Blight, 2013



"Drape: Eva Stenram", interview with Holly Lucas,
Issue 185, digital edition, August-September 2013

Read interview here


In the In-Between
– Journal of Digital Imaging Artists

Interview with Sarah Jamison, "Eva Stenram and Surveilling the Veil",
19 August 2013.



"Eva Stenram: Cord Prize winner for Drape",
text by Pauline Gola,
August 27, 2013.


European Photography

Cover photograph and interview,
Number 93, released 5 July 2013, Berlin, Germany
ISSN 0172-7028


The Independent Magazine

"In the Frame", 27 July 2013.


MIND Magazine (China)

"Cover to Discover - Eva Stenram at the Ravestijn Gallery",
text by Miya Yang, Issue 3, June 2013, pp 28-33 (Icon section), ISSN 1005-4669.



"Digital Archeology: Working with found images and digital collage, Eva Stenram is redefining the role of photography”,
text by Emma Tucker, July 3, 2013.


L'Espresso / La Republica

"Stenram: coprire per sedurre",
text by Annalisa Lospinuso, 12 July 2013.


The Double Negative

"Freger and Stenram: Juxtaposed",
text by Stephanie Kehoe
31 May 2013



Focus artist in Issue 13 (Appropriation), 2013.
ISSN 2009-2288



Diane, A Shaded View on Fashion

"Exhibition: Eva Stenram's 'Drape' at Ravestijn Gallery",
text by Tanja Beljanski, 16 March, 2013


La Stampa

"Tende con le gambe",
text by Rosella Quaranta, 18 February 2013.


Photography and Culture

"Portfolio - Birds In Flight - Eva Stenram",
text by Eva Stenram, Volume 6 – Issue 1, March 2013, pp.95-102.
ISSN 1751-4517, ISBN 978-1-47251-8040



1000 Words Contemporary Photography Magazine

"Eva Stenram, Drape",
exhibition review by Louise Clements
, #14, September 2012.



Eva Stenram interviewed by Marco Bohr,
September 2012.



"El erotismo sugerido tras la cortina",
text by David Garcia, September 2012.


"Pin-up Girl Photography puts Models behind Drapes",
text by Dan Abbe, August 2012.


Visual Culture Blog and Foam Blog

"Eva Stenram's 'Drape' and Performing the Fetish",
text by Marco Bohr, July/August 2012.



"Les Stilettos D'Arles",
text by Alice Bouleau, July 2012.


Album - Magazin für Fotografie

"Zeigen, was man hat - sehen, was man will, Eva Stenram",
text by Jule Hillgärtner, Issue 3 - The White Album , July




Svenska Dagbladet

"HBT-foton imponerar stort i Arles",
text by Niclas Östlind, 6 July 2012


Eva Stenram - among other 'Discoveries' from Arles 2012

text by Francis Hodgson, on Francis Hodgson - Writing about Photographs,
July 13, 2012


Canadian Centre for Architecture

"Fake Estates with Eva Stenram",
interview by Cerys Wilson, Spring 2012


"Per Pulverem Ad Astra – Eva Stenram",
text by Rut Blees Luxemburg, February 2010
ISSN 0003-861X


"Blank Space – Eva Stenram",
text by Rut Blees Luxemburg, Issue 1347, May 2009

ISSN 0003-861X


Mix Future Interiors

"ART: Eva Stenram"
Issue 8, 2008
ISSN 1749-8554


Hot Shoe

"Hot Shows: Pavilion Commissions 2007",
December/January 2008
ISSN 0959-6933


Yorkshire Evening Post

"Watch this space... pictures of an alien planet on show at new art gallery",
May 26, 2008


Succour – New Fiction, Poetry and Art

"Absent: Eva Stenram",
text by Eva Stenram, True Stories (Issue 5), 2007, pp 66-71.
ISSN 1751-1933




"Emerging Artists",
text by Richard Dyer, May 2006



"Retouching History: Eva Stenram",
Issue 43, Summer 2005, pp 15-22
ISSN 1369-2224



"Big Picture",
no 209, July 2003
ISSN 0268-4926


Art Review

"New Labour",
review of "New Contemporaries 2002" by Michael Selzer, Dec/Jan 2002-3


"Strange but True",
review of "New Contemporaries 2002" by Ned Denny, 9 December, 2002

"Editor's Eye", Vogue Holland, August 2014
"Ur Nya Synvinklar" (Peter Cornell), Expressen, 24 February 2014
"Bäst just nu", Nöjesguiden, Nr 1, 2014
"Focus on photographer Eva Stenram", The Kinsky, January 11, 2014
"A window on weird: step inside the Unseen Photo fair in Amsterdam" (Sean O'Hagan), The Guardian, 2 Oct, 2013
"Eva Stenram", Mimi Berlin, 30 August 2013.
"Eva Stenram wins the Cord Prize 2013", Re-title Blog, July 2013
"The Curtain Falls, Nudity is Revealed: 'Drape' by Eva Stenram", Lancia Trendvisions, 4 June 2013.
"Eva Stenram", Arcademi, June 5 2013
"Liverpool International Photography Festival" (Linda Pittwood), The Skinny, 3 May 2013
"Hyeres 2013 - International Festival of fashion and Photography" (Cheryl Newman), The Telegraph, 30 April, 2013
Square Magazine, Issue 3.3, October 2012
"Hey Mars fans! Take a look at Eva Stenram's Per Pulverem Ad Astra!", Art's in the Right Place, August 9, 2012
i like this art, 20 May 2012
"Eva Stenram", Field of Vision, 17 May, 2012
"Les Rencontres d'Arles 2012 - review" (Sean O'Hagan), The Obserner, July 8, 2012
"Art Talk" (Marta Jakimovicz), Deccan Herald, February 28, 2011
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“Turpentine”, Time Out, March 12-19, 2003
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“The Artist's Eye: Club", BBC Knowledge, 2001