Object Sets

  Object Set 1 (MM-U Debating Chamber, KW), 2021
  Object Set 4 (MM-U Debating Chamber, KW), 2021
  Object Set 5 (MM-U Debating Chamber, KW), 2021
  Object Set 6 (MM-U Debating Chamber, KW), 2021
  Object Set 7 (MM-U Debating Chamber, KW), 2021
  Object Set 3 (MM-U Debating Chamber, KW), 2021
  Object Set 2 (MM-U Debating Chamber, KW), 2021
  Object Sets (1-8) are a series of image-works made in response to the Metabolic Museum-University's Debating Chamber on Prototypes and Ominous Objects, held at KW Institute of Contempoaray Art, Berlin (DE), on 16 November 2021.
  The event was curated by Clémentine Deliss, director of the Metabolic Museum-University (MM-U), and was documented by Eva Stenram (photography), Jakob Karpus (film) and Thais Nepomuceno (film).

For further information about the Metabolic Museum-University and the Debating Chamber,
please read the article Enigmatic Debris by Clémentine Deliss. in Performing Collections published by l'Internationale Online.

See also Metabolic Museum-University: Report on Prototypes and Ominous Objects


"Berlin-based artists, curators, collectors, historians, lawyers, ecologists, economists, and therapists constitute the working circle of the MM-U.
The project asks how to engage with material artefacts and artworks in an increasingly virtual world, thereby restoring the validity of a “study collection” to the development of new intersectional meanings and emancipatory forms of art, education, and independent knowledge production. By bringing together minds from different fields, the MM-U aims to generate an analytical, dialogical model based on the trans- disciplinary observation of constellations of selected objects and artworks in various media. The metabolic qualifies the agency of these numerous collections housed in Berlin and their potential to address the diversity of today’s thematic imagination."

"The Debating Chamber of the Metabolic Museum-University is conceived along the lines of a parliamentary session, divinatory ritual, or legal proceeding. It can also be compared to a ‘theatre’ both in the sense of an operating room in which objects are dissected, and a space of performance. In the centre of the room, a landscape is built from clusters of prototypes that circulate on the table as the Debating Chamber proceeds. These prototypes are the key dramatis personae. They have been selected for their generative quality, and the unresolved questions they raise. They are activated by the members of the MM-U who displace, relocate, and interpellate the resulting configurations, not unlike ancient Mesopotamian Extispicy in which oracular readings of sheep’s entrails signal omens for the future. The initial debate will be followed by interventions from the Responders. The Debating Chamber will reach a close once a series of traumatological soundings, suggestions for remediation, and divinatory propositions have been articulated."

(text: Clémentine Deliss)