New Meridians (Arrangement I)


  New Meridians (Arrangement I)
eight pigment prints on on Hahnemühle Photo Rag, unframed and hung with magnets
print sizes: 57 x 40cm, 44 x 35cm, 55.1 x 78cm, 50.2 x 35cm, 55.3 x 78cm, 50.8 x 40cm, 55.3 x 78cm and 48 x 35cm (length of wall: 6m)

New Meridians (Arrangement I) appropriates photographs found in late 1950s editions of the German travel magazine ‘Merian'. They are a record of the landscapes and towns of Europe as they were around the time of the Treaty of Rome (1957) and the beginning of the EEC.

Stenram combined the original magazine photos with her own markings: annotations that suggest new alignments, borders, lines of communication, and movements of people or goods - but perhaps also divisions, fractures and censored histories. New Meridians (Arrangement I) was made in the spring of 2022, during the invasion of Ukraine, which reawakened discussions about European borders and military alignments. The European landscape continues to change and to be redrawn.

The way that the mountains and water of the  different landscapes connect together is intended both as an endevour to unify the different European landscapes into one whole, but at the same time recognising that this is perhaps just a facile attempt, as the landscapes remain separate entities. All part of the same continent, topographies and ecosystem, yet with rising nationalistic and territorial urges.

New Meridians (Arrangement I) was first exhibited in Stenram's exhibition Cadastral at Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen. and the production was made possible through an artist's grant from Stiftung Kunstfond / Neustart Kultur.

  New Meridians (Arrangement I) installed in Cadastral at Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen (DK), 2022.