F . E . L . I . C . E .


Welcome to F.E.L.I.C.E., Berlin’s city-wide dream-exchange service.

Using the post cards and writing implements provided, please set down, as succinctly as possible, in words, images or a combination of the two, a recent dream. Please also write, on the post card’s right-hand side, your address.
Once completed, place the post card in the F.E.L.I.C.E. letterbox.

Once collected, the post cards will be cut in half, and processed according to a system devised, in an office on the fourth flour of Immanuelkirchstraße 29, so as to pair each dream with the addressee with whom it is unconsciously, on its most latent stratum, most finely psychically attuned.

You will receive the other user’s dream that F.E.L.I.C.E. has assigned you within a week.

Terms and Conditions
1. F.E.L.I.C.E. is not responsible for the consequences of any fantasies, traumas, repressed memories etc. that may arise as a result of its activities.
2. F.E.L.I.C.E. is a registered trademark of the Formerly Epigraphically Licensed Intra-Consciousness Exchange. Any connection to the fact that Felice Bauer, Kafka’s sometime fiançée, lived in Immanuelkirchstraße 29; that Kafka wrote obsessively to her at this address; or that he expressed in these letters, as elsewhere in his oeuvre, a a fascination with the postal system itself, its ordering mechanisms and procedures that remain hidden from sight, is anecdotal and of no legal consequence.
3. A letter never arrives at its destination.
4. A letter always arrives at its destination.
5. Do we contradict ourselves? Well then we contradict ourselves. We are large. We contain multitudes.

  F.E.L.I.C.E. was a collaboration between Eva Stenram and Tom McCarthy and was a part of the exhibition Die Balkone in 2021.