2023 / more details coming soon
  Part 10
  2022 / Pigment print on Hahnemuhle Baryta 24,5 x 30,6 cm / framed 36 x 41 cm / unique work

In a wood panelled room with a light curtain, a faux-fur bedspread of unknown colour is placed neatly on a bed. A single leg, clad in sheer lycra and a silvery high heel, lies on the bed. A white rotary telephone is partially reflected in the teak veneer telephone stand on which it is placed, next to the bed. Nothing can be heard.

  2021 / Ditone (Pigment Print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta) / 26.8cm x 23cm / edition of 5

Arms are emerging from the tree trunks and stumped branches. Like Daphne fleeing the advances of Apollo, these arms have been immobilised, trapped, petrified. At the same time, they seem excited and encouraging, perhaps waving jubilantly. The arms are stuck within the tree, within the photograph, between the animate and inanimate, between defiant movement and paralysis.

Buds was also inspired by Clause Cahun’s Je tends la bras.

  2021/ Ditone (Pigment Print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta) / 11cm x 14cm / edition of 5

A houseplant and a set of nesting coffee tables with matching crochet table mats are positioned on a fitted carpet. A ceramic coffee set (pot, sugar bowl, milk jug, two cups and two saucers) is placed on the mats. Special touches make a home.

"Stenram is consistently interested in space, ominous interior settings and environments that conjure a certain sense of claustrophobia..."
- Charlotte Jansen



  2021 / Ditone (Pigment Print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta) / 50cm x 50cm / edition of 5

Alluvion was originally inspired by photographs of ectoplasm emerging from mediums, in particular Harry Price's
photographs of Scottish medium Helen Duncan. It may also refer to Leda (and the Swan).

Garden State
  Garden State (199)
2019 / Archival Pigment Print on Canson, Infinity Paltine, Fibre Rag / 40.6cm x 30.5cm / edition of 25

A lush spring landscape with blossoming flowers, a small stream or pond and two interlocking arms.
The arms lean in on each other, offering mutual support, gesturing towards a utopian intimacy.
‘Garden State’ combines body parts culled from vintage erotica magazines with an image taken from a
vintage gardening book bought in a dime store. The material is old and nostalgic, but simultaneously
looks for a future of companionship, perhaps a desire to merge not just with each other, but with space itself.


2014 / ink jet print / image size 255 x 196 mm, sheet size 407 x 407 mm / edition of 5
  A lawn, ready for cutting again, a few flowers emerging, a little dry, a little trodden, but regularly watered, a grey carpet:
night shot, black and white, flash photo, old print. The fingers, painted nails, relaxed, curled like a hook.
The arm up-turned, lies. Only the arm. One member scattered.
(text by Anthony Auerbach)

Arm, exhibition at the Function Room, Somers Town, London, March 2014.